Al Thandiwe Safaris

 MG 6016As Al Thandiwe Safari is a haven for all Antelope species and seeing these majestic and beautiful animals in their natural surroundings and up close is breath taking and one just appreciates being as one with them for this short time. You should never miss out on the opportunity of seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Our early morning drives start off with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a rusk. We love to cater for the sunrise breakfast, that we set up after the game drive at the top of the mountain. Watching the sunrise with the world at your feet. The sunset game drives are equally as beautiful but yet different in some ways, we love to set up sundowners on the mountain and have snacks, while enjoying the stunning sunsets and appreciating the majestic night skies.

At Al Thandiwe we offer our guests the experience of a game drive on a Big Five Safari. This includes the transport to the Safari and back to our lodges. Please book beforehand to enable us to arrange the tour.