Al Thandiwe Safaris


The ranges Al Thandiwe offers, are from a 25m range for Pistol, to 400m range for rifle shooters. Set targets or the “gongs” set at various intervals, these test the best skills and steady hands and sharpen the skills of not just the novice but the professional shooter.


There is no better place to enjoy clay shooting in the bushveld, than at Al Thandiwe. Set across open bushveld in picturesque safari style, we have world class clay shooting facilities, as well as onsite lessons to get you up and running.

No matter your age or experience level, we welcome visitors of any ability, we believe clay shooting should be open to everybody. And, we have a huge range of shooting disciplines to choose from, with varying degrees of difficulty to provide a challenge for experienced professionals and keen beginners alike.

The ranges are all of Olympic standards and having these ranges or disciplines set up in the Bushveld, gives a unique and very special feel to a competitive or fun event. We cater for professional sportsmen and women throughout the year and host many Local South African Premier Events. We also offer social shooting events and family shoots under supervision of one of our qualified managers and trappers.  We also facilitate a night shoot, just to do things differently and to add some fun, and test the skills further of each shooter.


Clay target shooting is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of corporate hospitality and provides an exciting way to promote your business. Entertain your customers or motivate staff at every level.  Our shooting range is available for corporate and group days throughout the year. The enthusiasm of our instructors will ensure that whatever your age or standard you will not forget your experience. Even if your guests have never shot before we ensure that everyone will have an enjoyable experience.


Here at Al Thandiwe we have facilities to create a corporate meeting place in our natural surroundings, followed by a fun session of team building or any other program to suit your needs.


Our field archery range situated in the heart of the bushveld. Regular two-dimensional targets are positioned in various locations and distances are usually marked. While at this type of range, you’ll often find yourself in-between trees, up-hill and down-hill. A field range is a great way to improve your overall technique as a bow shooter. Since you will need to adapt to various circumstances, shooting distances and shooting angles, you will learn a lot about both yourself as well as your archery equipment. It’s an exceptionally useful training ground for hunters, but there’s no reason why recreational archers shouldn’t enjoy a field range just for fun. As someone said: “it’s like playing golf, only with a bow and arrow rather than a golf club.”