Al Thandiwe Safaris

 MG 6016As Al Thandiwe Safari is a haven for all Antelope species and seeing these majestic and beautiful animals in their natural surroundings and up close is breath taking and one just appreciates being as one with them for this short time. You should never miss out on the opportunity of seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Our early morning drives start off with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a rusk. We love to cater for the sunrise breakfast, that we set up after the game drive at the top of the mountain. Watching the sunrise with the world at your feet. The sunset game drives are equally as beautiful but yet different in some ways, we love to set up sundowners on the mountain and have snacks, while enjoying the stunning sunsets and appreciating the majestic night skies.

At Al Thandiwe we offer our guests the experience of a game drive on a Big Five Safari. This includes the transport to the Safari and back to our lodges. Please book beforehand to enable us to arrange the tour.








img gallery mainThe natural beauty of the bushveld can be appreciated by all ages, on one of our guided trail walks.
Allow our professional staff to guide you through the walks,  and share their knowledge of the bushveld, fauna and flora.



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Al Thandiwe “Our Beloved” farm has a unique and rare appeal to photographers.  From the vast varying landscapes, to the different species of antelope, and the abundance of birds,  fauna and flora, ‘our beloved’ offers a view through the lens that can be appreciated by the professional and the amateur alike.

The ability to get up close and personal to the antelope is something that Al Thandiwe has developed over the years, by limiting hunting activities, again demonstrating Al Thandiwe’s love and appreciation for nature.

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Given advance notice, we are happy to arrange trips for you or your non-hunting guests, friends and family.
Visit the Kruger National Park – a national treasure.
Approximately a million visitors enter the park annually as it is known as one of the premier game-watching destinations in the world. At Kruger National Park it is possible to view huge herds of plains game such as giraffe, zebra, and the cape buffalo alongside some of the big predators such as the leopard, lion, cheetah and the hyena. You will be amazed at how close you can get to even some of the largest wild animals such as the african elephant, hippo and rhinoceros.

A mere 20 minute drive from Al Thandiwe Safaris is the charismatic town of Mokopane. The town rests in a stunning bushveld environment and boasts a multi-cultural community and history that gives Mokopane a unique character.
The town is named after the Ndebele chief, Mokopane (also known as Makapan) and was previously known as Potgietersrus, named after the Voortrekker leader, Piet Potgieter who was fatally wounded during the campaign against Makapan in 1854.
The town and immediate surroundings have claim to fascinating ancient caves, the Big Five, San rock art and curios. Sample the full flavour of the area and try the typical Bushveld food and drink such as biltong (dried meat) and mampoer (a potent drink). Experience Mokopan' s tropical gardens and traditional dancing.   

Visitors to Mokopane should not miss the opportunity of going on a guided tour of Makapane's Valley where extensive cultural deposits have played a crucial role in furthering our understanding of later human evolution and the appearance of modern man. The Cave of Hearths is one of only two Stone Age sites in the world that contain an unbroken sequence of artefacts from the Earlier Stone Age to the Later Stone Age.

Various tours in and around Mokopane can be arranged to gain insight into the economic activities of the area. Visit the Mokopane Platinum Mine or the Klipspringer Diamond Mine. We can arrange tours for you through the Tourism Association.
Take a day trip with us to discover local arts, crafts and curio at the GEMCO Curio Centre in Polokwane. We will take you to GEMCO where you can feast your eyes on a truly remarkable collection of masks from all over Africa, local paintings and hand-carved furniture.

From there, we will whisk you off for lunch at the MEROPA Casino & Entertainment World. Known as "The heartbeat of the North", Meropa will open its doors to you for an exquisite lunch at one of many outlets including the 'Squires Grill & Bar'. Squires is famous for their flame-grilled steaks and a variety of tasty chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes. Incorporated into the restaurant is the sports bar. Action-packed live cricket and rugby and all other international sporting events are televised.

The ample water on Al Thandiwe offers a morning or afternoon activity of trying your hand with some fun fishing in the well-stocked dams. This is a fun event for the whole group or family. A well- stocked picnic basket can be pre-arranged with the lodge to round off your day.

img about mainThe ever changing topography on the 12 000ha farm of Al Thandiwe, will ensure that all 4x4 enthusiasts have the experience of a lifetime, and an adrenaline rush of note, with the different, challenging courses.
While your wits are being tested, you will still have time to stop and take in the natural splendour of the African bushveld.



 MG 4454Our variation of bird life is quite amazing with some unique bushveld or game birds being seen in the area.

For avid birders, there is always the opportunity to tick off some more of those sought after sightings.






 MG 4476The ample water on Al Thandiwe offers a morning or afternoon activity of trying your hand with some fun fishing in the well stocked dams. This is a fun event for the whole group or family. A well stocked picnic basket can be pre-arranged with the lodge to round of your day.





5Discover and explore the 12 000 ha of the farm on a mountain bike as a family. For the more serious mountain biker, set yourself a challenge, and try one of our more challenging paths.